Who Else Wants to Overcome Depression, Be Free From Paralysing Worry, Kick Fear Into Touch, Develop Bullet Proof Self-Esteem and Increase Resistance to the Stresses and Strains of Life in the 21st Century?

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From: East of Dawlish Brook

Dear Qigong practitioner,

Have you ever heard the saying:

“It’s always darkest before dawn”?

When I got up it was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. But do you know what the funny thing is about the dark? It’s powerless against the light.

Stumbling around in the dark trying to find my clothes, I didn’t want to turn the light on and risk waking my wife. So I used the tiny little light on my digital watch. That small amount of light was enough to find what I was looking for.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because if you are currently experiencing dark times in your life, or if you are feeling lost, I want you to think of Smiling From The Heart as a giant flashlight that will light up your world so you can see where you are going again.

There are dramatic changes taking place across the world as I write this letter to you. Life is getting a hell of a lot tougher and seems to be getting tougher with every passing month. Is it any wonder that for so many of us stress levels are rising, fear, anxiety, worry and depression are daily experiences and you can’t help but notice that we don’t seem to be looking at making a ‘turn for the better’ anytime soon. Only the ‘strong’ are going to survive this recession.

I could go on, but I like you too much to dwell on the doom and gloom of the global upheaval and uncertainty taking place.

Plus, I’m certain that you’d rather read about solutions and simple ways to increase your resistance to the stresses and strains you are experiencing as part of your life in 2016.

That’s where Smiling From The Heart – Qigong Healing Techniques for Emotional Well-Being comes in. And it’s the reason that in spite of the increase in stress, depression, anxiety, worry and fear that people are experiencing I continue to be unaffected.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m immune or excluded from being financially squeezed or having to work harder to keep my family fed and clothed.

What I am saying is that thanks to some simple tools you can use on a daily basis, me and many of my students are able to embrace the change and uncertainty of today and not get worn down or burnt out by it.

Does this sound like something that would be useful to you?

Smiling From The Heart contains 29 simple and powerful tools, clearly explained so that it can help you to:

  • Manage Increasing Stress Easily – Pages 105 to 114 will help you to understand stress. Your understanding of what it is and what is happening inside you will enable you to use the powerful tools in the book to use stress in a positive way. When you can do this you have an almost unfair edge over everyone else. Smiling From The Heart will show you how.

  • Overcome Mild To Moderate Depression – In Smiling From The Heart you’ll discover 17 step-by-step tools that will allow you to overcome depression naturally and drug free. I know these tools work because I used them 11 years ago to get off anti-depressants (with the help and approval of my doctor). And I’ve used them with my students to help them do the same. They will work for you too.

  • Free Yourself From Pointless WorrySmiling From The Heart will show you why you worry, why it’s so seductive, why you do it and why it is so utterly useless. Then you’ll discover the solution to worry and 12 tools you can use to be free of it once and for all. Know this: there is a solution to worry and Smiling From The Heart will tell you what it is on page 120.

  • Kick Fear Into Touch Once and For All – In Smiling From The Heart you’ll discover 3 powerful antidotes to fear. If fear is ruining your life, stopping you from taking the kind of actions you need to take to move your life forward for yours and your families benefit, this section was written just for you. I used to live my life in constant fear until I set out on a quest to discover a solution. Join me and you’ll know your enemy like never before and this knowledge combined with the tools you’ll find will give you the power to overcome your fears.

  • Find Out How To Develop Bullet Proof Self-Esteem – Picture a ladder. If you constantly feel that you’re lower down the ladder than everyone else, that’s known as ‘Toxic Shame’. However if you constantly feel that you are higher up the ladder than everyone else, that’s known as ‘Grandiosity’. Both are unhealthy forms of Self-Esteem. Smiling From The Heart will clearly and simply teach you how to have solid, healthy Self-Esteem.

  • Discover How To Hold Yourself In High Regard – The value of Self-Compassion has been known to monks in the East for millennia. It allows you to move calmly and healthily through the turbulent waters brought by change. You can learn how to do this too, Smiling From The Heart will take you by the hand and show you how.

The above are all symptoms of what I call a weakened Emotional Immune System. And like you I’ve experienced all of them at some point. In the West we have a habit of only focusing on our physical immune system. Smiling From The Heart will give you the tools to strengthen your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. And you’ll have fun doing it.

Other benefits of Smiling From The Heart

  • 4 Of The Most Powerful Qigong Exercises – These will strengthen your Emotional Immune System (EIS) and increase your resistance to the stresses and strains of life in the 21st Century. Are you beginning to get an image of how much more peaceful, relaxed and enjoyable your life can be? In Smiling From The Heart you’ll be shown step-by-step written instructions, revolutionary Transition Shot Technology (TST) photography (it’s like video in a book) and links to 12 videos showing you how to practice 4 of the most powerful, simple to learn Qigong exercises to enhance your EIS.

  • Discover The 3 Things You Must Do If You Want To Be HappySmiling From The Heart will not teach you how to be happy all the time. You’ll quickly learn that trying to be happy all the time is unnatural and a significant source of stress on its own. It’s perfectly natural to feel a range of emotions. You’ll discover in Smiling From The Heart that there is no such thing as a negative emotion. The problem is when we hold onto our emotions. On page 41 you’ll discover how to develop the skill of letting them go. Learn how to do this and you’ll be feeling more energetic and alive than you can remember in years.

  • PERFECT – is a tool I developed for my Qigong students to help them gain the skills of Qigong quicker and easier. And therefore gain the benefits of Qigong faster. Using this tool you’ll easily be able to slash at least 3 months of your Qigong learning curve.

  • Easy To Use Step By Step Format – I invested more time in planning how to present the 29 tools in Smiling From The Heart in a simple to use, step-by-step format than I did writing. I have done everything I can to make it as easy for you to use and benefit from the tools in Smiling From The Heart.

  • Create Your Massive Action Plan – You are unique. I believe you are the expert on you. Smiling From The Heart will present you with 29 powerful tools, then guide you on how to create your own, bespoke, unique, taylor made Massive Action Plan (MAP). A MAP helps you to get back in the driving seat and live your life on purpose. I’ll show you how to do it.

As if all of that wasn’t enough. Smiling From The Heart will also show you how to:

  • Cure Procrastination – If there are ‘things’ you know you should be doing, things you know that will help you to bring positive improvements into your life, but you’re not doing them. On page 100 of Smiling From The Heart you’ll find the tool for fixing that.

  • Stop Making Mountains Out of Molehills – If you find it impossible to maintain a healthy perspective on the events in your life, on page 90 of Smiling From The Heart you’ll learn the most powerful way to turn this around. If this is you, I’m so excited for you because knowing how to maintain perspective will change your life, like it did for me.

  • Succeed With Qigong – There are 2 vital tools that hardly any Qigong practitioners know about. If they do, chances are they’re my students. Yet these tools literally can mean the difference between your success or failure with Qigong. If you already practice Qigong but are not getting the results you desire, implementing these 2 essential tools into your practice will make a world of difference to your results. You’ll find them on page 84 and 86 respectively, with full instructions on how to use them to great advantage.

  • Enjoy Deep Peace Of Mind – Discover the simplest meditation technique in the world. There is a mountain of scientific research that backs up the claims of how beneficial a tool meditation is. Yet so many techniques for meditation are unnecessarily complex. On page 36 of Smiling From The Heart you’ll find easy instructions to help you gain all the benefits of this tool in your life, without any unnecessary ‘fluff’. Serenity, peace of mind, contentment, tranquility can be yours.

What Others Are Saying About Smiling From the Heart...

Here’s what Al Simon – Author of 50 True Chi Stories and founder of CloudWater.com (who generously helped peer review Part 3 – ‘Core Principals’) had to say about Smiling From The Heart:

“Marcus Santer puts the ‘heart’ into Qigong, showing you how to get the hidden psycho-emotional benefits from traditional Chinese energy work.”

The world famous author, motivational speaker and Youtube sensation, Eric Thomas kindly took time out from a trip to Egypt (where he was invited to speak to a group of 10,000 people) to review and feedback on Part 4 (Non-Qigong Tools) of Smiling From The Heart.

Here’s what he had to say about the book:

“An awesome tool for enhancing your physical, emotional and mental health! Marcus Santer’s use of practical strategies will blow you away!”

Geoff Thompson, BAFTA award winning film maker and one of the UK’s most respected martial artists had this to say about Smiling From The Heart:

“I am a big fan of Qigong, its benefits to health and vitality are amazing. This wonderful (and powerful) hoard of Qigong and Non-Qigong tools, collected together by Marcus Santer is a highly recommended introduction. I wish I had this book 20 years ago.”

Lisa Spillane, author of Six Healing Sounds with Lisa and Ted: Qigong for Children kindly reviewed Smiling From The Heart and had this to say:

“With easy to follow instructions and clear explanations, this book is a wonderful resource for those interested in improving their emotional and physical health by incorporating Qigong and other useful self-help tools into their lives.”

The real ‘Cherry on top of the cake’ was gaining access and support from the insanely busy Dr Roger Jahnke, OMD of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi organisation. I’ve never known anyone who travels so much to share the arts of Qigong and Tai Chi with people. He is a real inspiration to me.

Here’s a short snippet from his Foreword to Smiling From The Heart:

“When Marcus Santer came onto our radar here at the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC), the earliest impression was that he was, like many, opening a wider gate to the arts of personal cultivation and energy awareness – Qigong. Here and there his message came through – always fair-minded, accessible, informed.

In the remarkable Tang Dynasty it was declared – ‘May a thousand flowers bloom.’ In our own time, there is such a blossoming and Marcus Santer’s open sharing of knowledge, wisdom and practice is one of those flowers blooming..”

How You Can Benefit From My 12 Year £18,000 Qigong Education. Without Signing an Official Secrets Act, Paying a Small Fortune or Even Having to Leave the Comfort of Your Own Home

Smiling From The Heart Will Show You How...

There is no other resource on the market that combines the best Qigong tools with the best Non-Qigong Tools. Helping you to strengthen your resistance to the stresses and strains of these uncertain times.

I have drawn on my background as a counselor and Qigong teacher to present you with the very best tools from both worlds. In Smiling From The Heart you benefit from my 12 year, £18,000 Qigong education and my experience as a qualified integrative counsellor.

Until now you could buy a book on Qigong and/or you could buy a book on self-help. Smiling From The Heart is ground-breaking because it represents the first time that the best of these two powerful, life enriching tools are available in one resource. You’ve never tried anything like this before.

I’m deliberately not offering any free bonuses with this book. What you are getting with Smiling From The Heart is a time-tested, proven product and I don’t want to dilute your attention with useless bonuses that create an illusion of added value, when really what they do is simply waste your precious time.

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Dear New Smiling From The Heart Client,

Well, first things first: I have something to say to you that’s extremely important, and so…

I’ll just go ahead and say it. And that is…

“Thank You!”

I know in today’s busy world, hardly anyone ever takes the time to tell you this, but I’m not like that. I truly do appreciate your business.

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The seed for ‘Smiling From The Heart’ was planted back on the 11th April 2008, when I attended a special invitation only 'Qigong Healing' course with a famous Shaolin Grandmaster in Malaysia. Over the following five days I was taught such powerful Qigong healing techniques that I'd gladly have paid 10 times the $2000 tuition fees.

When I returned back to England I built up an exclusive Qigong healing practice and began teaching some of the material to the pioneers of my 'Be Happy Workshops'. With each workshop the content evolved. Gradually, I was able to discover the material that was easiest to use, yet still gave powerful results.

Finally, this seed has flowered into the book you now have in front of you. I kept the following guiding principle foremost in my mind whilst writing 'Smiling From The Heart': 'to create the most valuable resource that is simple to use, easy to apply and gives powerful results'.

I was aided in this quest by Dr Rick Hanson PhD, Al Simon, Eric Thomas, Lisa Spillane, Geoff Thompson and of course Dr Roger Jahnke who kindly wrote the foreword.

These giants reviewed the original manuscript and made changes and suggested improvements that have made 'Smiling From The Heart' of more benefit to you than I ever dreamed was possible.

The result is that you now have in your hands the most powerful set of tools to help you live a happier, healthier and longer life. A set of tools that if you will use them, will help you to overcome mild to moderate depression, anxiety, worry and fear. That will make clear to you how to develop bullet proof self-esteem and that will enable you to thrive in spite of the stresses and strains of life in the 21st century.

To help you speed up your ability to use the tools in this book and start reaping the rewards. I have created a series of videos, Mp3 and Pdf resources that will make your job of learning so much easier. You'll find the links to these online resources clearly labelled throughout the text.

For best results I recommend that you read through the whole book first, skimming if necessary, before starting on Part 6: creating your own Massive Action Plan (MAP).

Well, that’s enough for now.

Thank you again for investing in ‘Smiling From The Heart’. I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I’m excited to be able to share these powerful healing tools with you.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Santer